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Grasping the two key points in the transformation process of the pharmaceutical machinery industry


With the transformation of the functions of the Drug Supervision Bureau into food and medicine, there is a trend that the food production industry will also enter the GMP transformation. Once transferred to the substantive operation, the pharmaceutical machinery industry has a stronger advantage than the food machinery industry. This is because the pharmaceutical machinery industry has rich experience in pharmaceutical industry practice and GMP, and the key is to be involved in food production and other fields as soon as possible.
Equipment and pharmaceutical machinery in the fields of food production have much in common, but the pharmaceutical machinery industry still knows little about the food processing process, which is the key point of learning. At the same time, another focus of pharmaceutical machinery sales should shift to areas such as food production, which is a turning point in the future work of the pharmaceutical machinery industry. The transition process should grasp two points:
The first is to apply the concept of GMP sales to food, light chemical and other production industries. While applying pharmaceutical machinery, combined with the corresponding technology to improve the product, of course, the media promotion process is inseparable.
The second is to return to the use of information in the production process of food, light chemical and other production industries, and to develop new models. Only by grasping the steering development in these fields can we expand the application of pharmaceutical machinery.
At present, the interest of pharmaceutical products in developing countries is in the ascendant, providing us with good opportunities. Especially the similar GMP transformation projects in Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries have just started, so the pharmaceutical machinery industry must grasp this opportunity, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries. Mechanical sales have broad prospects.
In addition, while broadening the export of pharmaceutical machinery, grasp the manufacturing quality of pharmaceutical machinery, and strictly control the trial operation before leaving the factory; combine the mature pharmaceutical production process with foreign technology, and only export the process points clearly; Pre-sale, sale and after-sales service, multi-level promotion in foreign countries; complete product ex-factory information, combined with software application of good products; combined with the export sales of pre- and post-equipment between production processes, organically form cooperation between domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises .

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