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Innovative thinking makes the packaging machinery potential better


The development of the packaging industry has led to the development of packaging machinery and equipment related to it, and also requires packaging machinery and equipment to be highly innovative to adapt to its development. Therefore, as a flexible production that embodies automation technology, it has become a major issue that changes the production efficiency of packaging machinery and tends to be intelligent.
Throughout China's packaging market, the packaging machinery industry has maintained a large space for development. Enterprises are constantly looking for gaps, learning new technologies, and updating technology to integrate them into traditional mechanical manufacturing technologies, so that soft power and hard power can be integrated. Guarantee the development of social support. The flexible production concept reflects the requirements of development.
From the standpoint of packaging machinery, the production rate of each machine is indeed increasing, but once there are many changes in the packaging method, the machine will be delayed, it can not achieve the inter-instantaneous, array-type debugging specifications and scheduling, and It is necessary to change the single-time template when changing the order, which not only consumes time, increases wear, but also increases the manufacturing cost, and cannot achieve personalized quality requirements.
From the market competition of various enterprises, the cycle of product renewal is getting shorter and shorter, which puts high demands on the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery, that is, the life of packaging machinery is much longer than the life cycle of products. . Because only in this way can meet the economic requirements of product production. This led us to begin to examine the connotation of the concept of flexibility, namely the flexibility of quantity, the flexibility of construction and the flexibility of supply. The flexibility of supply also involves the motion control system of the packaging machine.
Specifically, in order to make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility, and to improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to use microcomputer technology, functional module technology, and monitor the work of multiple robots at the same time, so that the requirements for product changes can be transferred only by the program. .
Experts said that flexible production not only changed our production mode, but also made product packaging more flexible, and opened up our development ideas, which caused many rounds of changes in the packaging machinery market, accelerated the innovative thinking and entered commercialization, and made packaging. The potential of machinery is better played out.

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