Stainless steel reactor
Product Description:
Scope of use
It is often used as a reaction tank in pharmaceutical, chemical, and biological engineering industries.
1. The equipment is mainly composed of three parts: the cylinder body, the integral jacket and the outer sheath. The outer cover skin and the jacket are filled with heat preservation medium, and the top of the tank body is equipped with a stirrer.
2. The pressure inside the jacket is determined according to customer requirements.
3. The materials are all high quality stainless steel.
This series of containers is suitable for the reaction of chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For crystallization, the tank is provided with two or three layers, which can be heated and cooled. The inner surface is polished by electrolytic mirror, and the head (round) is subjected to spinning, R angle. The transition conforms to GMP standards, the mixing device adopts sanitary mechanical seal, the container insulation adopts polyurethane or pearl cotton, the interface adopts international standard flange type, which is convenient and hygienic, and the outer surface is polished, sandblasted, frosted or cold-laid, primary color matt, etc. The form allows the container to display its superior quality at any location. The equipment is equipped with CIP cleaning nozzles, sight glass, flange type quick opening and other devices.

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