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Magnetic stirring batching tank
Product Description:
This series of liquid tanks strictly follows the requirements of Articles 31 and 32 of the GMP General Regulations (1998 Revision) of the "Good Manufacturing Practices", according to GB150-98 "Steel Pressure Vessels", JB/T4735-97 Steel welded atmospheric pressure vessels require design, manufacturing inspection.
1. The container insulation material is made of high temperature resistant, anti-aging polyurethane foam or pearl cotton.
2. The interface adopts the international common standard ISO quick-loading chuck type. The inner tank is made of imported stainless steel SUS316L or SUS304. The inner surface is mirror-polished to Ra≤0.28um. The outer surface is polished, mirrored, sandblasted or cold-rolled. GMP medical standards.
3. The agitator adopts a hygienic magnetic full-sealing stirring device, and the stirring speed can be optional.
4. The nozzle has a liquid level gauge (static pressure, capacitive, non-contact, ultrasonic, glass tube), air respirator, thermometer (digital display or dial), CIP cleaning port, visual Mirror, explosion-proof light (integrated with mirror light), SIP sterilizing port, inlet and outlet, and sanitary manhole.
5, the volume has a specification of 100L-10000L, etc., can also be designed and manufactured according to the actual needs of users.
6. Randomly attach relevant GMP verification data (including material report, purchased parts certificate, verification form, etc.).

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