Extraction Tank Series
SLG type seepage tank
Product Description:
This equipment is suitable for percolation operations in traditional Chinese medicine, food, chemical and other industries.
working principle
The osmosis method is a leaching method in which a leaching solvent is continuously added to the medicinal material coarse powder to permeate the powder, and the leaching liquid flows out from the lower end outlet. During percolation, the solvent infiltrates into the cells of the medicinal material to dissolve a large amount of soluble substances, the concentration increases, the density increases and then moves downward, and the upper layer leaching solvent or the dilute immersion liquid replaces the position, resulting in a good concentration difference, so that the diffusion is better Naturally carried out, so the leaching effect is better than the dipping method, and the extraction is also complete.
Structure and characteristics
The device is composed of a simplified body, a cone, an elliptical head (or a flat cover), a pneumatic slag door, a pneumatic operation table, etc., and has the characteristics of uniform solvent distribution and convenient slag discharge.
Model SLG0.5 SLG1 SLG2 SLG3
full volume 600 1200 2300 3200
In-can design pressure Normal pressure
feeding port diameter 300 400 400 400
Slag outlet diameter 400 600 800 800

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