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JN series multi-function alcohol concentrator
Product Description:
The device is suitable for industrial alcohol recovery of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, brewing, starch, oral liquid, chemical, food, MSG, etc. It can be used for heat-sensitive low-temperature vacuum concentration with small batch and variety.
1. Alcohol recovery: The recycling capacity is large, and the vacuum process is used to improve the process of the equipment. The recovery rate can reach 95%, and the alcohol consumption rate is less than 5%. Energy consumption is reduced by 30%, and energy-saving equipment with low investment and high recycling efficiency is available.
2. Concentrated liquid material: This equipment adopts external heating natural circulation type and vacuum negative pressure evaporation method, which can have fast evaporation speed and concentrated specific gravity (1.3); liquid material has no foam concentration in full sealing, and is concentrated by this equipment. The liquid medicine that comes out has no pollution and the taste of the medicine is strong. Easy to clean, open the heater upper and lower cover. The operation is simple, the floor space is small, the appearance is beautiful, the heater, the evaporator and the heat preservation are completely factory-made. The contact parts of the equipment and the liquid material are all made of stainless steel AISI304, the heat preservation is made of polyurethane foam or pearl cotton, and the outer surface is matte matte. Treatment, in line with GMP pharmaceutical standards.
Product parameters
Model SLG0.5 SLG1 SLG2 SLG3
full volume 600 1200 2300 3200
In-can design pressure Normal pressure
feeding port diameter 300 400 400 400
Slag outlet diameter 400 600 800 800

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