Heat Exchanger Series
Single tube tube tubular heat exchanger
Product Description:
Single tube tube tubular heat exchanger
The single tube plate tubular heat exchanger is a closed heat exchanger in which different numbers and specifications of tubes are arranged in the cylinder to form different heat exchange areas. The material contact is made of high quality stainless steel SUS304 or SUS316L. The heat exchanger has simple structure, beautiful appearance, no dead angle, easy to clean and meet GMP requirements. It is widely used in steam condensation, material heating and cooling in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  Technical Parameters
·Single piece heat exchange area 0.05m2, 0.1m2, 0.2m2, 0.5m2
· Total heat exchange area 0.5-100m2
·Maximum allowable pressure 0.5MPa
·Maximum allowable temperature 120°C-160°C

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