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CIP cleaning system
Product Description:
CIP online cleaning system is one of the preconditions for sanitary standards in pharmaceutical production. It can eliminate cross-contamination of active ingredients, eliminate foreign matter insoluble particles, and reduce or eliminate the contamination of drugs by microorganisms and heat sources. GMP stipulates that the pharmaceutical food industry uses CIP online cleaning system. Due to the high price of foreign CIP online cleaning system, it restricts the use of CIP system in China's pharmaceutical food enterprises. Through the unremitting efforts of the professionals of the company, the introduction of foreign advanced technology for digestion and absorption has been successfully developed. The product has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy operation, reasonable price and compliance with GMP requirements.
CIP Online Cleaning System (Cleaning In Place) refers to a method of cleaning the contact surface with food and medicine by using a suitable cleaning solution without disassembling or moving the device. The system realizes automatic control, cleaning steps and online cleaning parameters of each step, and has good reproducibility; the system is safe, reliable, convenient and energy-saving. A stable CIP online cleaning system is designed with excellent design. The specialists of the company specify the appropriate cleaning procedures according to the actual conditions of the system to be cleaned, including cleaning conditions, cleaning agent selection, recycling design, and according to the cleaning process. Key parameters and conditions for monitoring. (such as time, temperature, pH, flow and conductivity).

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